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General Worker (19:30 – 04:00) - £63.75
This could entail a variety of roles, including transporting items around the ball, making sure your area is kept clean and facilitating the smooth running of the ball throughout the night. Some of the general workers will be working on the provision of food and drink, so please express your interest and state any relevant experience.

Ents Runner (19:30 – 04:00) - £63.75
The role of the ents runners is to escort acts to the correct stage at the correct time, and to help ensure that the entertainment schedule for the night runs smoothly. We are looking for people who: show good timekeeping and organisational skills, can stay calm under pressure and are friendly and personable.

Stage Manager (19:30 – 04:00) - £63.75
Stage Managers will be responsible for managing the activities of their stage(s) including: delegating jobs to the runners assigned to the stages and ensuring smooth transitions between acts. Experience of stage management is highly desirable.

Security Steward (19:00 – 04:00) - £67.50
Security stewards are responsible for reporting anyone attempting to enter the Ball without a valid ticket; however, at no point will they be expected to directly confront or remove any unauthorised persons themselves. Security stewards are also responsible for the health and safety of guests, which involves fire stewarding and reporting any guests that behave in an inappropriate or dangerous manner. We are looking for people who are attentive and hard-working and can be professional when interacting with guests.

Area Manager (19:00 – 04:00) - £81
Managers will be in charge of ensuring everything runs smoothly in their designated area for the night. This includes but is not limited to overseeing all general and security workers in your area, making sure the area is kept clean, and keeping in touch with the Committee throughout the night. We are in particular looking for applicants with previous Committee or management experience at May Balls/Snowball.

Set-up Worker (12:00 – 18:00) - £45
This role will see you working with the Committee to set up the decorations, furniture, and stalls the day before the ball (Thursday 30th November); heavy lifting will also be required.

Clear-up Worker (03:30 – 10:00) - £48.75
You will work with the Committee members to clear up after the Ball. This role may include picking up litter, packing up the sets, and moving furniture.

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Terms and Conditions *

You may be invited for an interview and we will contact you if your application is successful and provide further information about your role. Some roles may require further training at Selwyn College. All workers at Selwyn College Snowball will be required to read a contract (which stipulates the terms and conditions of employment), sign it and return it to us. We will also require a passport style photo of each worker and two £40 cheques. The cheques will be destroyed at the end of your shift unless your supervisor or a member of the committee considers that you have broken the terms of your contract.

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